Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blue Phase and I'm feeling blue.

So, my husband starts Blue Phase on Saturday. That means one more phase, a few more weeks. He goes on a few camping trips and then practice for graduation, outprocessing. I've been diligently working on moving stuff, talking to movers, finding out what paperwork I need, sending in checks and what not, getting rid of things we're not taking/don't need anymore.

It's been weeks since I've last seen Chris. The letters and the sunday phone calls were sustaining me. But i got three letters yesterday and ever since last night...I've been down. In addition to missing him fiercely, I've been down. This doesn't fall in with my desired personality I would like to project (sarcastic Vulcan). It's not a lack of caffeine, it's not hormones. Hell, I felt better on a pint and PMS. It is just straight up missing him.

It's's been a long time. It's four weeks till I see him but I haven't seen him for six and change. I know other people have gone longer, eventually I'll have to go a year or more without seeing him but 10 weeks cold turkey...what the fuck? That's pretty much all I can say.

This summer has been going quickly, thank goodness. Still, not fast enough.

Please, thank you for reaing but I don't want any comments or phone calls right now, unless it's about something really stupid and banal.