Friday, January 8, 2010

2010: Now Without Flying Cars

Well, I wrote a little note to myself elsewhere on the interwebs regarding my goals for this year. But I came up with a few more and well, I wanted to be more organized about it. So, without further ado:

Housewifely Goals:
Cook one vegetarian dinner a week
Cook one NEW dish a week
Clean one part of the house very well each day
Get laundry put away within 12 hours of having it done (believe it or not, this is hard for me to do)

Motherly Goals:
Do 30 minutes of music time, science time and alphabet time with the Sofer
Try to find friends for Sopi to play with since she is apparently not as antisocial as I am

Wifely Goals:
Learn to drive
Help husband stay on budget we have set for ourselves

Personal Goals:
Make/perfect one type of book binding a month (this month: Japanese stab binding)
Have two pairs of pants that fit well and that I like
Have two skirts that I like
Have five shirts that I like
Create one item (crafty) a month

Writerly Goals:
Finish Tavera story by end of the month
Edit one story every fortnight
Get a domain before Spring (March 20th)
Have my site up, running, with stories for download by Summer (June 21st)

Nerd(ier) Goals:
None. I...can't think of this a bad sign?

Blog Goals:
Update once...a...week.

I think this pretty much covers everything. At one point I was thinking about going to school online but it turns out you have to still talk to people to get this set up and I can't really think of something I really want to take. I don't want to take something *just* to take it. If I don't have a reason to, I won't. If I got a chance, I would totally take some kind of art class so I'll keep an eye out for that. SO there.


Hybrid Hopes said...

I think of all your goals as nerd goals, just so's you know.


TJ Tarwater said...

HA! Thanks, that means alot to me :D