Monday, November 24, 2008

Many Things to Many People

Yes, another blog on the internet. Just what we needed, right?

Well, just what I needed, I feel. I've been playing with the idea of starting a(nother) blog but was coming short on ideas. Did I want to do a food blog (I love to cook and eat and am always trying to find new recipes, cut back costs on our food budgets and feed my family healthy, substantial meals)? A gaming blog (yes, I am a gamer. I play, I have GMed in the past and consider it one of if not my main hobby)? A parenting blog (I am the proud parent of one child, a little girl and sometimes I just want to muse on my experiences)?

So I said, screw it, let's go with all three. I'm hoping to offer at least one post on each topic a week, as well as recipes, stats and maybe reviews on things. Occasionally I might talk about other topics but this will be the core.

Hi, I'm Tristan. I like to cook, game and write. I have a small child that keeps me from doing these things but since she is so rad, I do not mind. I live in the Pacific NW and work part-time. I game once every other week on the moment and am working on a one shot to run in December. Later today, I am going to cook dinner, go out to do shopping with my family and then come home to relax and probably do some nerdy stuff. Hope those of you who read this will enjoy this.

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