Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weekly Food: November 25th-December 1st

One of the things we do to save money and time is plan our meals. This includes lunches; thankfully my husband gets to come home for lunch every day and this cuts back on laziness/eating out.

I generally go through what we already have in the house and consult the online flier from New Seasons to see what is on sale. I then come up with 7 dinners, being sure to get one from my husband as his "special" meal. I try to do one vegetarian and usually only have one red meat meal a week. Some weeks this doesn't happen. I write the days down, then the meals and then write down ALL the ingredients needed for the dish. I try to make lunches from leftovers and I am sure to include miscellaneous ingredients needed to complete lunches, as well as add any other sundries and vittles I know we are out/low on (oil, cocoa powder, foil). Then I add treats that are on sale that I want to get. Can't live without treats. We then go through the house together and talk about what we actually have to buy from the items listed.

The food list for this week is:
Tuesday: Barbeque Roast Chicken, Baked Potatoes and Kale
Wednesday: Asian-Style Beef Noodle Soup with Veggies
Thursday: Thanksgiving! TOO MUCH FOOD
Friday: Pizza and Salad
Saturday: Food for Nerds: Chicken Stirfry and Rice
Sunday: Burger Day
Monday: Fish Tacos

This week was kind of a weird one because of Thanksgiving. While we had bought some of the items for the Dia de los Gracias the week before, certain items (sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, etc.) were best bought closer to the day and so were obtained.

We shop at Trader Joe's and New Seasons, once a week. Once a month or so we go out to Fred Meyers for things like paper towels and to Uwajimaya for meat.

So there it is. Our weekly food schedule! Maybe I will put a recipe of one of these later in the week.

I'm still getting my bearings. Blogging...oi!

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