Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Book Bound

For those of you who don't know, I like to write. Stories. I have been writing stories for a very long time and have wanted to be a writer for a very long time. However, it wasn't until very recently that I started showing my work to anyone besides my husband.

I also love to read. I have been reading since I was three, devouring any book I could get my hands on and wrap my brain around. I've always been a...skilled(?) reader, reading well above my grade level and able to read quickly to boot, devouring books left and right. My favorite books have always been myths, fantasy, history (mostly if it has to do with different cultures, the more in depth the better) and auto/biography. My favorite book growing up was "The Egypt Game," by Zilpha Keatly Schnieder. I must have read it quite a few times and would probably read it again if I had it on hand. That book opened the part of my brain that creates things and everything else i've read after that has kept that door open for the most part.

I also just love books. When I read books, I take care not to damage their spines, pulling the pages apart enough for me to read them, not bending the pages down to mark my place. I like the feel of pages, the look of them, the smell of paper. Journals entice me (though I hate lined ones). Possibility lays exposed on every page, a place for me to spill out my brain upon. Sanctuary, relief, in the form of pressed paper pulp.

When I was in college for the first time, I dabbled in book binding. I learned a few stitches, took a tutorial. Later, bought a stab binding kit. Folded construction paper into little books that can stand up. Scrawled in some, stared at others, trying to muster thoughts worthy of their pages.

Now I'm older, and I've been writing more. A lot more. I've been showing it off and I've been proud of it and I want to show it to more people. i want to be a writer to more than me and my circle of friends. So I plan on combining my mild bibliophilia with sme action.

I'm taking a book binding class in May. I am going to continue writing. And when i am done, I am going to print it out, and edit the crap out of it and make it as perfect as I can. Then I am going to bind it myself and offer it up to people.

This is my goal. This is what I am drawn to. This is what I am going to do.

Books, I love them. Hopefully, other people will love mine.

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