Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So, Chris and I are fairly certain we have found a place we want to live in Augusta, GA. Looking over the specs for rent and square footage, it makes our place a shit hole? Whenever we go to oher people's houses and come home, Sophia cries. As soon as we pull into the drive, "NO! Don't like it! Big house!" Yeah, even Sopi thinks it's time for a change of scenery.

What's kind of funny about it is that Chris and I were so intent on living at WT, wanting to leave our old 2-BR. I felt a little sad when we left that place to move the 500 yards to WT. It was where I spent a lot of my pregnancy, and well, I was pregnant at the time so I am sure hormones had something to do with it. And now, the sooner we get the hell out of here, the better. The building is old and wired shittily, the neighbors suck, the location is isolating, the plumbing is a problem...granted, I am glad that we have a place to stay, though you might not believe it. A lot of people are losing their jobs and their homes and Chris' isn't threatened in the least. But what can I say? We want something more? Something family friendly? Because that is what we are, us three (plus the cats). A family.

Chris is shipping out in exactly 2 months. We have quite a bit to do.

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